How To Shop For Good Car Batteries?

A good car battery is used to supply power for the engine of the car and it also provides power supply to all the electronic as well as electrical accessories of the car. The battery of the car will eventually grow old and will not be able to supply power, either it can be wasted by accident and stop functioning.

The capacity of power supply of a car battery usually gets drained away when people ignorantly leaves any electronic device, like air conditioners, radios, on in the car even when the engine is not running. You need to think about some facts before buying a car battery like cold cranking capacity, battery freshness and reserve capacity and the size of the battery. If needed, you can consult with a mobile mechanic in your place.

The facts you need to know

1. Size of the battery- Keep in mind your car’s model and machine and then consider the size of the battery as your car’s need. Read the manual of the car that is usually given while buying. If you need to clarify anything, you can consult with a mobile mechanic in Gold Coast. What kind of a battery you need usually it is written in the manual. Or go to an auto supply store and ask any employee about the size of the battery that you need.

2. Type of battery- you should have immense understanding about your driving needs and choose the battery according to your driving needs. Read the manual as well. Keep in mind the group size of the battery, the placement of the terminal and the outside dimension of the battery. Don’t buy a battery that is too small to fit the battery compartment. Consider the temperature. Hot temperature quickly evaporates the electrolyte solution of the car battery. If your trips are start and stop type and you have to drive daily than choose a good battery that is capable of long service.

3. Expiry date of a battery- take a battery that is the shop for less than 6 months’ time. Because the date stamp code informs you about the freshness of the battery. The numeric digit stands for the year in which the battery was manufactured such as 3 for 2003, 6 for 2006. The previous letter stands for the month such as c for March and d for April. The date code is to be displayed on the cover of the battery.

4. Enquire about CCA (cold cranking amps) and CA (cranking amps) before buying- these two things are very important specially if you live in a cold country. CCA signifies the battery’s ability to start an engine in 0 degree temperature. It also suggests how much current it will supply to your car. Ca informs how much energy the battery gives the car in 32 degree temperature.