What’s Included In Auto Detailing Service?

Have you ever had your car detailed? Are you thinking of going for a car detailing service? If you answer no to the first question and yes to the second, it is about time to know more about this special automobile service.

A mobile car exterior detailing service is a service that thoroughly cleans your car’s outer part. It takes away all the road grime and dirt from your car and it also includes waxing, for that shiny new look. Basically, if you want your car (or any vehicle) to look brand new or to really look presentable, this is one auto service that you should avail. For more information about mobile car exterior detailing in Perth, go to this page.

Basic Auto Exterior Detailing Services

• Paint Care

The car paint is very delicate, and it is considered as the most detailing service providers handle it in thorough processes of cleaning, correcting and protecting the paint surface. First off, cleaning means washing and drying the car in order to effectively remove dirt and to prepare the car for the next steps. Application of clay bar follows and this will remove the contaminants like tar, dirt and metal particles. The next step will be polishing the paint to ensure that no scratches and swirl marks are left. Finally, waxing will seal off everything and will help give the car a new shine.

• Wheels and Chassis

Aside from cleaning and polishing the body of the car, it is also important that the wheels and the chassis are cleaned. Tires and wheels should be thoroughly washed to prepare for the application of protectant that will improve luster and offer protection from cracking and corrosion.

• Lights and Exterior Trim

Taillights and headlights also need some polishing and most car detailers in Perth will make sure that these lights are given proper treatment. Chrome trim needs proper cleaning and plastic or vinyl trim needs to be dressed with protectant to keep fading and cracking at bay.

A high quality mobile car exterior detailing job usually takes several hours; it depends on the previous condition of the car being detailed. Results of the service also vary depending on the level of service availed and on the age and condition of your vehicle.

Basically, auto exterior detailing will be done by assessing and cleaning every external detail of your car; including crevices and cracks. Thus, this auto service is really very important whether you are selling your car, you just bought a second-hand vehicle, or you simply want a shiny look for your vehicle, auto detailing is a highly recommended service to try.